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    Quality Fences, Gates and Retaining Walls in Burpengary

    We install quality, durable fencing, gates, and retaining walls in Burpengary. We work with a wide variety of materials, styles, and types of properties. From Colorbond to aluminium, timber, and more. We deliver exceptional quality with every fence we install.

    In addition to quality fencing, we offer the perfect gates to complete the package. You can ensure your property is perfectly enclosed with a matching gate made from the same material and in the same style as your new fence, or if you’re after a feature gate that stands out for the right reasons, we can do that for you too.

    Additionally, we install durable, long-lasting retaining walls. Whether you want to make more use of a sloping landscape or stop soil erosion in its tracks, we have the skills and expertise needed to install the ideal retaining wall for your property.

    When you need precision workmanship without the headaches caused by unskilled or inconsiderate tradies, turn to a company that always respects its customers. You’re guaranteed quality service, upfront pricing, and stunning results, whether your job is small or large.


    Call Daniel For a Free Quote

    (07) 5451 4008

    invest on high quality retaining wall services in burpengary

    Invest in a well-built fence or retaining wall that will actually last

    When investing in a fence or in building a retaining wall, it’s vital that the build gets done correctly, without corners being cut. When soil and drainage aren’t considered in the planning and construction process of a retaining wall or in the installation of a fence, it can lead to a nightmare of a mess on your property. The costs of removing and replacing it will be significant, not to mention annoying. Don’t leave it to chance, choose a company that will do the job right the first time with knowledge of the local area and a license that qualifies them to complete the work.

    Durable and Good Looking Fences, Gates and Retaining Walls in Burpengary

    side boundary colorbond fence installed in burpengary

    High-Quality Fences

    We can guarantee the best results for our customers because we start with high-quality fencing materials. You can choose from Colorbond, aluminium, and timber. All three materials offer excellent benefits, style, and durability. Your property will look phenomenal, no matter which choice you make. Additionally, with our precision installation, you’ll have a durable, long-lasting fence that stands up to anything our weather has to throw at it.

    burpengary colorbond side access gate

    Functional Gates

    Once you have your fence chosen, you’ll likely need to invest in a gate installation. We offer swinging, sliding, manual, and automatic options. Additionally, you can select from Colorbond, aluminium, and timber. We’ll assess your property to help you choose the best fit, ensuring you have a fully functional gate that helps protect your property and gives you peace of mind.

    concrete sleeper retaining walls installation in burpengary

    Well-Built Retaining Walls

    Retaining walls can add beauty and functionality to your property. If you have a steeply sloped area that you’d like to make more use of, we can install retaining walls that make it more accessible. We use durable materials and exceptional workmanship in all our installations to ensure your retaining wall will stand up as it should for as long as possible.

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    Why choose us for your fence or retaining wall?

    While many companies will rush through a job and be completely unapproachable throughout, you’ll have an entirely different experience working with us. We’re a business that genuinely cares about the outcome we deliver to each customer. Whether you want a new fence and gate or need a retaining wall built, we’ll take the time to do things right with superior materials and exceptional workmanship. Your fence installation will be immaculate, enhancing the overall appeal of your property. Additionally, you can rest easy knowing your children and pets are tucked safely inside while all intruders and unwanted animals are kept out.


    • Local company: Being a local company affords us the knowledge to understand the soil types and environmental requirements for installing the perfect fences and retaining walls.
    • Good communication: You can always count on upfront, prompt, and friendly communication that keeps you in the loop.
    • Quality work: Nothing but the best-quality work is acceptable to us. We use premium materials and quality workmanship to ensure you get the biggest bang for your investment.
    • Reasonable prices: We make your fencing dreams come true with our affordable prices. While they may not be the cheapest, you’ll get the most value for our services.
    concrete narangba retaining sleeper walls

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    If you’ve got your heart set on a new fence installation, don’t hesitate to reach out by phone or our online contact form.

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    Enjoy the benefits

    You can sit back and relax, knowing your property is protected and looks fabulous.

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    (07) 5451 4008

    More details regarding our fencing and retaining wall services in Burpengary

    The materials and styles of fencing that we supply and install in Burpengary

    We offer Colorbond, timber, and aluminium fencing options. We also install pool fencing, requiring special knowledge of all local requirements to remain compliant. You can count on us to ensure you get beautiful fencing that complements your pool area and keeps your property within the local legal requirements. Our retaining walls can be built as standalone options or, as many homeowners choose, can be built underneath your fencing, if on a boundary. 

    A variety of styles and materials of gates to choose from

    Our gates are available in Colorbond, timber, and aluminium. Additionally, you can choose from swinging or sliding and automatic or manual styles. However, the final option you select will depend mainly on the layout of your property and what you can physically accommodate. Some options cost more than others, so you’ll also need to factor in your budget, such as electric vs manually operated gates, or sliding gates that require concrete footing for the roller to successfully work. 

    Do you supply without the installation?

    We are contractors, not a material supply company. While we supply gates and fences when we complete installations, we do not supply without providing installation service. We are very particular about the quality of services we provide, ensuring the highest quality for our customers. We cannot guarantee the quality of someone else’s work, so we do not supply fencing and gates for someone else to install. We do not have a show room, we come to you. Check out our gallery for previous work completed to get an idea of what we can do for you. 

    How do I decide what kind of material is best for my property?

    Timber offers a classic look that many Burpengary customers love and want for their homes. It’s also typically more affordable than alternative materials. However, it comes with a price of higher maintenance requirements that make it a more time-intensive material to use anywhere on your property. Colorbond and aluminium are becoming more popular materials for fencing options despite being slightly more costly. With colorbond fences, they’re very low maintenance and do not require repainting as their colours are baked in during manufacture. If you’re interested in learning more about which material is the best for your property, let’s set up a free quote in which one of our fantastic contractors will cover all your options with you, finding the ideal match for you and your property.

    Why choose us for your retaining wall construction?

    We’re highly skilled at installing retaining walls because we don’t cut corners. We also only use the best materials to ensure that the end result stands strong for years to come. Because a retaining wall has so much force and weight from the soil behind it, it must be installed correctly and built from the best materials possible, otherwise you’ll have a wall that leans and crumbles in no time. When we complete your retaining wall, you can count on it standing straight, tall, and strong for years without any signs of leaning or weakness.

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