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    Our Aluminium Fencing Services

    When choosing the best fencing for your property in or near Caboolture, many homeowners turn to aluminium fencing for its lightweight, durable, and versatile characteristics. 

    Because it’s lighter than other materials, installation and transportation costs are much lower. There are many different options and styles to choose from when selecting the ideal aluminium fencing for your property:

    • Aluminium tubular fencing
    • Aluminium vertical slat fencing
    • Timber look aluminium fencing
    • Aluminium batten fencing
    • Flat top aluminium fencing

    If you choose to install aluminium fencing, you’ll have dependable protection and security around your property that also looks stunning. Because it’s corrosion-resistant, you can even use this fencing as the ideal enclosure for your pool; being corrosion-resistant is also important for living near the coast.

    Make a great first impression on all who visit your property with a newly installed aluminium fence and gate. You can perfectly match the style and aesthetic of your home with all the styles available.

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    If you want your fence to look great, don’t let just anyone install it

    While you can hire any handyman to install aluminium fencing, the results won’t be the same as hiring an experienced fencing contractor. If you want your fence to look great, stand up to the test of time, and have a fully functional gate, rely on a company with a history of doing the job right. 

    When you choose the right company, you can count on a high-quality installation every time without all the stress of dealing with low-caliber alternatives.

    We Supply and Install Aluminium Fencing and Gates in Caboolture

    caboolture fence property

    Aluminium Fences

    We provide our customers with exceptional aluminium fences throughout Caboolture–you’ll have fantastic dependability without sacrificing style. Whether you want to choose from the ultimate aluminium privacy screens or a more traditional picket-style fencing option, we can install it. Have a sloped block? That won’t be a problem, as aluminium fencing is rackable to the topography for a perfect fit.

    caboolture aluminium gate

    Aluminium Gates

    Your fence isn’t finished until you have an aluminium gate installed to ensure your property’s security. We offer an exceptional range of choices, from aluminium driveway gates to swing gates, allowing you to design the perfect enclosure for your property. We offer supply and gate installation that enables increased functionality, accessibility, and security, providing exceptional peace of mind.

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    List of Benefits of Aluminium Fencing Material


    Highly Versatile Style

    Aluminium fencing isn’t limited to the traditional black colouring it once was. Today, manufacturers offer plenty of different options to allow you the ability to match your property perfectly. With colours ranging from beige to green, you’re sure to find something that works well with your home’s exterior. In addition, you can choose from many different designs, including wood-look aluminium slat fencing–you can have the traditional look of wood without all the work. Just by choosing aluminium for your fence, you will avoid the most common fencing problems in our region

    Sustainable Product

    If you’re interested in being more eco-friendly, aluminium fencing is perfect. It is one of the most highly recyclable fencing materials. To be even more sustainable, you can choose materials that have been recycled and still get stunning style and beauty. If you choose brand-new materials, you can still recycle your fence when it meets its end of life. Because aluminium doesn’t require painting or sealing, you’ll also be releasing fewer harmful chemicals into the environment. 

    Corrosion-Resistant Material

    Aluminium fencing is one of the least vulnerable metal fencing options for corrosion. The reason is that aluminium is a non-ferrous metal, which means it reacts much less to moisture and water than other ferrous metals. While it’s a great idea to get a fence with a protective finish, when you choose aluminium, there is no need to take preventative measures to stop rust or corrosion.

      We’re the Fencing Company You Can Rely On

    Your fence is a crucial investment in your property, and you want to know the job will be done right. That’s why you need to hire a dedicated local Caboolture fencing company known for delivering exceptional service. While many other fencing contractors can leave you in a bind with shoddy work and others don’t answer the phone, we’re here for you throughout the project, ensuring you get top-notch work. 

      • Local Company: We’re from the Caboolture area, so we’re experienced with knowing what you need for the proper fence. Regardless of the topography of your property, we know how to build the best aluminium fencing for your property.
      • Good Communication: Answering the phone for our customers is a priority. We’ll never leave you in the dark on your project, keeping you up to date at all times.
      • Quality Work: We believe in providing nothing less than exceptional work for all our customers. Your fence will be built to last and look nothing short of amazing. We also build retaining walls, get in touch today. 
      • Reasonable/Affordable Prices: While we may not offer the lowest prices around, we offer the best value for your investment.

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      Gallery of some of our work 

      1 concrete sleeper retaining wall with colorbond fence
      10 Sleeper retaining wall for home in Caboolture
      7 concrete sleeper retaining wall in Caboolture
      11 black colorbond fence on black concrete sleepers

      4 Easy Steps To Get the Aluminium Fencing of Your Dreams


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      More About Our Aluminium Fencing and Gate Services

      Aluminium slat fencing

      If you’re looking for the perfect privacy option, you may enjoy aluminium slat fencing. It features horizontal slats placed closely together to prevent people from seeing through the fencing. You have the choice of how much space is between the slats, giving you the final say on how much privacy you have. This type of fencing is perfect for families who want to have increased privacy and protection for their small children. The only significant downside to aluminium slat fencing is its higher susceptibility to denting under impact, which is why it is better suited to residential settings, where there are fewer risks for high-velocity impacts of machines or vehicles.

      Aluminium picket fence

      An aluminium picket fence is a more traditional version of aluminium fencing. It features vertical poles, often with decorative points at the top. These poles are generally 3 cm apart, ensuring there is not enough space for children and pets to escape between them. An aluminium picket fence is ideal for those looking to add an artistic touch to their property. However, it will not do much for privacy. Anyone looking for a privacy fence will need to consider different options.

      Aluminium pool fencing

      Choosing an aluminium pool fence is a great idea. You can use tubular or panel style, depending on how much privacy you want. Aluminium is a great fence material to have in your pool area because of its corrosion and rust resistance. You can meet your code requirements in style with all the attractive aluminium fencing options available. Your new fence will add to the beauty of your landscaping instead of detracting from it. In addition, you won’t have to worry about fence maintenance because of how well aluminium holds up over time.

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